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"Customer Service" Award

Applications are now closed.


This Award is open to any organisation in that can demonstrate it has an ongoing focus on improving customer service standards and outcomes.

Your organisation does not have to be based in Fife to apply for this Award, but the customer service projects or programmes you are seeking recognition for must directly impact on your Fife customers.

This Award is not open to any organisation whose principal activity is advising, training, or consulting others on how to improve customer service.

Tell us about your organisation

Tell us why you should win

Your online application should demonstrate you are focused on improving customer service and have embedded a ‘customer first’ approach throughout the organisation using effective communications and training. You will show you have measurable targets and effective monitoring and improvement mechanisms. You will demonstrate senior management leadership and staff ownership of your customer service programme. You will demonstrate that you have a viable plan for improvement.

With that in mind, tell us about customer service in your organisation and why you should win this Award.

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