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"Community Partnership" Award

Please read the guidance notes below before answering the questions in the application form.

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You can save your application in progress and pick it up later. However, in order to do that you must first Register and Login before starting to fill out this form.

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Guidance Notes for Completing Your Application

Read the eligibility criteria carefully to make sure that you can apply for a category. You will find this on the online application form.

Read all the questions carefully.

There are no word limits on the questions, so you can write as much or as little as you want. But keep your submission concise and only include relevant information that directly supports your entry.

It is not a grammar test – don’t worry about how good your writing skills are – just concentrate on getting your points across.

Use bullet points if that makes it easier for you.

Try not to use jargon – the judges may not know what it means.

Use examples to demonstrate your claims. The use of relevant statistics can also help to highlight your achievements.

The judges are looking for evidence of your passion and enthusiasm, as well as your financial or operational or technical achievements.

Get someone else to read the application before you submit it to make sure you haven’t missed any relevant points.

Don't leave it to the last minute to start your application.

Don’t assume that you cannot win because other companies will have a stronger application than you. Trust yourself, be confident and apply.

You have nothing to lose.


This Award is open to any company that can demonstrate a successful civic or community partnership in Fife in the last year.

Your company does not have to be based in Fife to apply for this Award, but the project(s) or organisation(s) or cause(s) you are supporting must be in Fife.

The partnership could be with a local school, providing pupils with a greater understanding of business and giving them career and employment insights and opportunities. It could be a fundraising project for a local charity or community group. It might be an initiative in support of the Armed Forces or the NHS or another public service.

Tell us about your company

Tell us why you should win

Your online application should show that you have created a partnership that delivered positive outcomes for your organisation and your partner(s). You will explain what you added to the partnership and show how this contributed to its success. You will show how you will use your experience to improve existing or new partnerships.

With that in mind, tell us about the organisations or community projects you support and why you should win this Award.

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